About our church


This Ministry is on a mission to prepare the Body of Christ for an economic takeover throughout the world before the second coming of Christ. This economic takeover shall be the last revival that will usher in the King and the Lord of Heaven and earth, Jesus Christ.

The Lord had sent his apostles and prophets in the past years to set a pace for various revivals; such as the Reformation of the 14th century, Evangelical revivals by the Wesley’s and others; the Pentecostal revival at the beginning of the 20th century sparked by Dr. Parham and his Bible School Students in USA; the Healing revival by Kenneth Haggin, Oral Robert and others and the Faith movement which is still on.

We are entering into another new revival which shall focus on Economic empowerment that will place the church above every other institution of the world (Isa.2:2-3).

In few years to come, as nations now look unto the UN, World Bank, EU, or IMF for answers to their national economic crisis, the church shall be where they shall be running to. The church shall be the commander of the wealth of the nations. (Please read Isaiah 2:2-3; Isaiah 60:1-3, 5, 7; Isaiah 61: 4; Hag. 2:7-8 and Malachi 4:1-4).

According to the Theory of Nathan Meyer de Rothschild, the man who controls the money is the one in command in the nation; hence since the new world economy shall be that of the kingdom of God, the church, that is the believers, shall practically be in control of the major facts of life and society. Many Governments shall fail economically. Economic power will be in private hands. At that time no one will have to kill and destroy others’ lives to gain political position, because there will be no money there to go and steal anymore.

Our duty at NewPhase is to help the believers build capacity for the economic revolution that is on the way. A man’s internal capacity for wealth is what determines how much riches he can control. God cannot bless you beyond what you have the capacity to manage. We are sent to repair the breach and restore men to the paths in which to dwell, to build “the old wastes, the ruined cities, the desolation of many generations.” (Is. 58:11-12; Is. 61:4).  A people who will impact their communities positively; that men may see their good works and give glory to our Father in heaven.  This is our vision. Jesus became poor that we who believe might become rich, enough to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless; pay hospital bills for the sick and do many good works that men may see and glorify our Father in heaven (2Cor.8:9; Mat. 25:31-46). 

According to the book of Proverbs chapter 29:18, Vision is what secures the destinies of people.

Many evangelists have been sent by the Lord into Africa, and millions of souls have been saved. As far as these countries are concerned there is hardly anyone who has not heard the gospel of the kingdom. Those who refused to accept Christ are the damned. What Africa needs now is emancipation from the claws of the spirit of poverty. Poverty is the greatest problem of the whole continent today. Terrorism is an offspring of poverty. All the wars and the uprisings from the Arab world to Africa and South America are all reactions to financial crises the governments could not handle.

The NewPhase Vision is:

  1. A vision of Economic Empowerment through the knowledge and practice of covenant principles of financial success.
  2. A vision of preparing the Believers for the upcoming New World Economic System which is that of the Kingdom of God – a system built upon truth and not on lies as by the Federal Reserve System.
  3. A vision of establishing an unusual Bible College called “NewPhase Institute of Christian Finance” (NICF) where those who believe in Christ shall be taught Financial and Business Education as revealed in the Bible to help them handle God’s resource in their hands effectively.
  4. A vision of reaching the world with the Covenant Empowerment Message for Total Turnaround.
  5. A vision of a Publishing House where related Christian literatures of different authors shall be produced to bring to the Body of Christ the gospel of Divine Providence in prints.
  6. A vision of Social Welfare Services to ameliorate the suffering of the needy of our society via scholarships to the children of the indigents, housing for the homeless, food for the hungry and comfort to prisoners, destitute and the less privileged.

NB: (1) and (2) warrants having a local church base where God’s People shall gather to learn the ways of their God, share fellowship with one another and find love, care, acceptance, hope, encouragement and guidance. A place where people can serve God, exhibit and develop their talents and worship God in spirit and in truth to provoke God’s favour to release the covenant power He promised us in Deuteronomy 8:18 to make a difference in our generations.

This vision is sent out as a dragnet to bring together all of us, men and women and youths whose destinies are connected to this heavenly mandate. Establish yourself today at NewPhase and secure a post-retirement future for yourself and your children. God bless you.




Raising a People of Great Impact [World Changers] to Build the Old Waste Places. (Isaiah 58:12)


Turning the World Around by Preaching and Teaching God’s Final Word of Divine Economic Empowerment for The New Phase of the World Economy