Our Vision

The NewPhase Vision is:

  1. A vision of Economic Empowerment through the knowledge and practice of covenant principles of financial success.
  2. A vision of preparing the Believers for the upcoming New World Economic System which is that of the Kingdom of God – a system built upon truth and not on lies as by the Federal Reserve System.
  3. A vision of establishing an unusual Bible College called “NewPhase Institute of Christian Finance” (NICF) where those who believe in Christ shall be taught Financial and Business Education as revealed in the Bible to help them handle God’s resource in their hands effectively.
  4. A vision of reaching the world with the Covenant Empowerment Message for Total Turnaround.A vision of a Publishing House where related Christian literatures of different authors shall be produced to bring to the Body of Christ the gospel of Divine Providence in prints.
  5. A vision of Social Welfare Services to ameliorate the suffering of the needy of our society via scholarships to the children of the indigents, housing for the homeless, food for the hungry and comfort to prisoners, destitute and the less privileged.

NB(1) and (2) warrant having a local church base where God’s People shall gather to learn the ways of their God, share fellowship with one another, and find love, care, acceptance, hope, encouragement, and guidance. A place where people can serve God, exhibit and develop their talents and worship God in spirit and in truth to provoke God’s favour to release the covenant power He promised us in Deuteronomy 8:18 to make a difference in our generations.

This vision is sent out as a dragnet to bring together all of us, men and women and youths whose destinies are connected to this heavenly mandate. Establish yourself today at NewPhase and secure a post-retirement future for yourself and your children. God bless you.


Raising a People of Great Impact [World Changers] to Build the Old Waste Places. (Isaiah 58:12)