The Golden vessels


The Golden Vessels Fellowship exists to inspire, equip, support, and disciple women to live in God’s purpose. We will fulfill our vision by creating opportunities and resources for women to discover their gifts and be empowered to fulfill their purpose. Our desire is to encourage every woman in her journey and to provide meaningful opportunities for discipleship.


‘TO STAND AS AN ENVIABLE GROUP OF CHR ‘TO STAND AS AN ENVIABLE GROUP OF CHRISTIAN WOMEN OF INESTIMABLE VALUE BOTH IN THE HOME AND IN THE CHURCH’. The vision of this women’s ministry is to educate, inspire, equip, support, and disciple women to fulfill their divine purpose as Christian women, mothers, and wives in their respective homes and in the church. ISTIAN WOMEN OF INESTIMABLE VALUE BOTH IN THE HOME AND IN THE CHURCH’. The vision of this women’s ministry is to educate, inspire, equip, support, and disciple women to fulfill their divine purpose as Christian women, mothers, and wives in their respective homes and in the church.


‘TO TRANSFORM THE WOMAN TO BECOME A GOLDEN VESSEL OF HONOR, BOTH AT HOME AND IN THE CHURCH’. We will fulfill our vision by: Creating opportunities and resources for women to know the Lord, His word, and discover their gifts to fulfill their glorious destinies as help-meets to their life partners Empowering women to seek a higher level of spiritual maturity in Christ through the knowledge of biblical principles and doctrines Ministering to the needs of women and cultivating a spirit of unity among the members and in the local church. Equipping women for service within the church


  • To look out for ways of making meaningful contributions to the mother church and our community. To observe specific needs of the church and meet those needs annually To unite all women members of NewPhase Full Gospel Ministry to form an indivisible team that will carry out great works for God’s kingdom. To empower all women to become industrious, thereby becoming assets to their families and society at large To stand in the place of prayers, upholding the church and the body of Christ, loving and caring for one another as women folk in the body of Christ Educate, encourage, and equip women to pray, listen, learn, grow, and give through small group interaction and leadership development.



1. Humility in serving God and one another
2. love, goodness, and care for others
3. Respect for one’s self and one another.
4. Faith in the Divine God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
5. Truthfulness and trustworthiness towards one another
6. Patience and dedication to the service of God


1. The GVWF operates under the guidance and supervision of the Congregational Ministry of the local Church Council (NewPhase Full Gospel Ministry).
2. Any dispute with regard to the interpretation of the Constitution or relevant Bylaws of the GVWF is subject to the adjudication of the relevant church authorities under whose jurisdiction such dispute may arise.
3. All members of the GVWF are, with regard to doctrine and life, subject to the Church Order, Rules, and Bylaws of the relevant council as they pertain to the local congregation and apply to supervision, admonishment, and discipline.
4. Each member has the right to appeal any decision at the level of the Church Council or Presbytery, as may be applicable.


The leadership hierarchy of the Golden Vessels Fellowship will be made up of:
1. The Coordinator: She sees to the overall affairs of the fellowship. She reports to the senior pastor.
2. The President: She runs the fellowship, organizing the monthly fellowship and directing the affairs of the fellowship. She reports to the coordinator.
3. The Secretary
4. The treasurer
5. The financial secretary
6. The PRO
7. The Welfare Officer
The leadership of the GVWF shall be changed every TWO YEARS


  • All women members within the boundaries of a defined congregation (Newphase Full Gospel Ministry) are, by virtue of their faith, connected to the congregation as a body of Christ and are part of the activities of the GVWF.
  • Women seeking membership shall, however, avail themselves of membership in the GVWF at a meeting to register with a sum of N1000 (one thousand Naira).
  • Every new member that joins will be visited by two delegates with a little gift.
  • Every slacking member will be visited and followed up until she returns.
  • Every member is expected to pay a monthly due of N500.
  • Every member is expected to attend our monthly meetings regularly. Frequent or regular attendance is what authenticates membership.
  • Membership may be terminated by resigning as a member of the GVWF in writing.
  • Membership is terminated when a member contravenes the principles laid down in the GVWF Constitution and guidelines, after successful interventions by the church council.
  • A member who does not actively participate in the activities of the GVWF for three consecutive months, without a valid reason, terminates her membership 


1. The uniform can be obtained only during the fellowship meeting.
2. The wearing of the uniform will be determined by the GVWF.
3. Uniform must at all times be worn by members when it are declared for special
occasions such as
Child dedication
Special outings
Special church programs, e.g., church anniversary, end-of-year Thanksgiving, etc.
– Weddings
whenever it is instructed.
4. Any member who has been suspended by the Church Council may not wear the
uniform until the suspension has been lifted.


1. All welfare issues will be channelled through our welfare officer to
coordinator and president of the GVWF.
2. Cases of welfare will favour only serious members who are faithful in attendance
and payment of monthly dues.

 Specific Occasions
When a member has an occasion like wedding of their children, birthdays, or naming
ceremony, Child dedication, etc.
1. The GVWF will be there in attendance
2. The member must inform the GVWF of any occasion for which they want the support of
3. Every member will contribute N1000 (One Thousand Naira) each to the
4. The beneficiaries of these gestures will be strictly faithful members.
5. When our member is coming for child dedication of their babies, they will have
maximum support from the GVWF. They will also surround her with help where she needs it.

1. All members will surround anyone who loses a loved one, like Father, Mother,
daughter, son, and husband.
2. All members will contribute the sum of N1000 (One Thousand Naira) each to the
3. Not less than two (2) women will be delegated to represent the GVWF at the
1. Any member who for any reason like sickness, travel, etc. will not be attending
both the regular church meetings and the GVWF should notify the
coordinator or the president of the happenings so as to keep abreast of every
members situation for prompt action.
2. A visitation team will be set up. They will observe members who are slacking and
visit them. However, the rule in number 1 above clearly states that members must
inform the GVWF the reason for their absence in order to make this area more
3. The team is in charge of recruiting women from the main church to join our
4. Any member who goes to bed will be visited in the hospital and when she returns

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